About Us

More about our Club Director, Bart Hood

I have been coaching girls volleyball at the YMCA for 8 years.  I enjoy coaching and seeing the girls improvement at the end of each season.  I have met several parents over the last few years who want their girls to play club volleyball.  But alot of these parents can’t afford the high cost of club.  I want to be able to give the girls a club experience to get them ready for their next level of play and make the Jr.High team while also making it affordable.  For that reason, last season I decided to take a leap of faith and start a club volleyball team.

I had a group of 9 girls from the YMCA and a great group of parents that supported me.  We entered 10 tournaments(8 local, 1 large tournament at the George R. Brown Convention Center, and 1 in Corpus Christi).  The girls did great their first season of club.  They worked hard, learned a lot, showed improvement as a team by the end of the season and of course had fun!  Our team last season played up with the 13U division but actually had (6) 12 year olds and (3) 13 year olds.

So this year I am going to have a 13 year old team and a 14 year old team.  I am only having 10 players per team.  The more players are on a team the less play time each player gets.  We are all paying money to play so I want all the players to get as much play time as possible.  We are looking for girls who are hard working, self-motivated, competitive, and eager to learn.  Playing club volleyball is a big commitment and a lot of hard work but it is also fun!  I expect all the players to be at every practice and ready to work hard.  Remember, you play like you practice. If you outwork other teams you will win.  I am looking forward to another great season!

Coach Bart